Windows 10 performance tweaks

It is definitely a bother when you are doing something very important with your computer and you suddenly experienced slow performance in your Windows 10 OS. There are absolutely ways to get around the dragging connection by following the following the necessary tweaks.












Modify power setting

Get rid of the Power Saver Plan in Windows 10 and opt for the High Performance or Balanced, as power saver slows down the connection of the computer in order to save energy.

Game mode on

Even when you’re not playing a game, turn on the game mode so your Windows 10 will have a boost instantly. This is a special feature to make sure that performance is at its peak when playing in the computer.

Startup process limitation

With the new feature of startup menu in Windows 10, you can now easily limit the startup applications when you start your computer. By making sure that only important startup applications are enabled, your Windows 10 will perform quicker.

Disable OneDrive Synching

The file storage of Windows 10 is cloud-based, and most of the time the OneDrive synching causes the poor performance of Windows 10 and by disabling or turning this option off, your computer will work faster.

Hard disk cleanup

If your hard disk is loaded with many files and almost full, your computer’s performance will definitely get affected. Make time to sort through your files and delete those that are no longer of use to you. With a lighter load, your computer will work quicker.

No to visual effects

Though visual effects are great for the eyes, they are contributing to the slow performance of Windows 10. If you are doing an important work on your computer, turn off the visual effect to aid in the fast connection. Just turn the visual effect back on when you are no longer in a hurry, and will be watching and looking into entertaining things.

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