How to optimize windows 10 for gaming

When you are into computer gaming and using Windows 10 for your operating system, you need to optimize your OS in order to engage in a gaming with superior connection and high quality performance. There are techniques in how you can optimize your OS for your gaming interest.












GPU Driver update

Always make it a point to update to the latest drivers in Windows 10 so there will be an efficient and fast communication between your gaming software and the card.

Game mode enabled

Utilize the feature of a game mode boost in your Windows 10. This option s designed to provide improved and fast performance when you are about to ply an online game.

Automatic update – disable

You wouldn’t want to have your game stopped because a Windows update requires a computer reboot. Disable the automatic update but remember to periodically check for necessary updates from Windows.

Limit startups

When you are in a hurry to start your game, it is certainly frustrating if your computer is taking its time to start up. To prevent this from happening, make sure to limit the startup applications.












Modify power plan

When your power plan saver is on, the performance of your Windows 10 when you are playing online game is drastically affected. Opt for the option for the high performance or balanced, and this will absolutely improve your computer’s performance.

Turn off Nagle’s Algorithm

The Nagle’s Algorithm is perfect for the efficiency of transferring files, but this system causes the internet connection to slow down, making you risk losing your game or your game will experience lagging.

Advanced System Optimizer

Download the Advanced System Optimizer in order to give your RAM a break and you will have easy access to the gaming system, and the modifications are a lot effortless with this system.

Free gaming boost system

This free game application can help boost your gaming experience, and what’s best is this game booster is light.

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