Technically, it is not entirely safe to watch porn on computer, only if the contents were derived from a reliable source such as: Xvideos or XHamster. For most free porn videos, payment is always made, but not necessarily in form of money. There is nothing free in life.

If you are watching a porn DVD on your computer, there is not much damage that can occur to your computer,  the only thing that you would be risking is over heating,  if it is placed on a bed or pillow. That’s all, no damage can come from that.

Downloading contents online is related to downloading a movie. There is always that potential of you getting defrauded of your credit card details. Most people are always scared to provide their credit card details online, and I would also advice them to exercise extra caution. After the introduction of PayPal, which helped bring more confidence in people doing online transactions. However, this is not the major source of concern. The major source of concern should be downloading porn from sites such as 3Movs, Porntrex without getting your computer infected with a virus or malware.

Most times, if you are getting the porn for free, especially downloading or streaming, those contents could have malware, keyloggers, malicious code or ransom ware. Downloading from torrent sites ought to raise caution. Even if you download from reputable sites, there is always that possibility of getting a virus. So if you want to download porn without getting a virus, I would advice you to take these steps:

  • Always ensure you use a modern and updated browser.
  • Do not download anything from an untrusted source.
  • Never run media plugins like Flash and Java by default.
  • Never install or run Adobe Reader, it is virtually one big security hole. If you need to read PDF files there are alternatives like the simple reader built into Chrome, or Foxit Reader which can also do a bunch of advanced stuff.
  • Do not grant any form of permission to an un-trusted site, unless you are sure it originated from contents you are sure you need to access.
  • An ad blocker would mostly block one of the common attack routes, that is malware infested ads, but if you are following all the other advice correctly it shouldn’t matter much as Flash ads are blocked anyway.

Take these steps and chances of getting a virus on your computer would be reduced drastically.